Hato Project meets Hôtel Droog!

Not long now till Hato Project’s interactive live performance “Memo-ry-cycle 1”. See how dance and design are from the same tree. Watch the final teaser before the real thing this Saturday September 19, looping at 3pm, 3.30pm and 4pm.
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There are limited spots, the event is free but you must still register your interest here to ensure a spot (please quote in the comments which time you would like to attend):
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The Hato Project is an initiative of Heidi Vierthaler. It’s a breeding ground for movement development and new works.

Presently in collaboration with Luca Cacitti, Shay Partush, Pauline Torzuoli, Lauri Schepp, Keonjoong Kim and Ekaterina Shushakova.

Stream-Flow movement method, developed by Heidi Vierthaler.

The inspiration for Stream-Flow came from very different angles. It is the starting point for all of my teaching and choreographic work for dance companies, universities and schools worldwide. Read more >>