Streamflow Method

streamflow method heidi vierthaler


Stream-Flow movement method, developed by Heidi Vierthaler

The inspiration for Stream-Flow came from very different angles. It is the starting point for all of my teaching and choreographic work for dance companies, universities and schools worldwide.

A unique and constantly evolving method using visual imagery and tactile exercises to help release the body and heighten awareness on many different levels. Stream-Flow always begins with an extensive warm up called “The Ball”, exploring ones inner and outer body section by section. Next step leads to delicate touch guidance exercises. This causes an array of dynamics, from extremely fragile to surprisingly powerful. Ideal for braking habitual movement patterns and opening up new movement pathways.

Heidi’s interest lies in discovering a deeper knowledge of the body’s possibilities and the continuous development of a distinctive movement language. Stream-Flow is also an effective and creative approach to bridging different dance forms.

Stream-Flow classes, workshops and Contemporary ballet classes are currently given to the following International companies and institutions.

  • Cullberg Balletten
  • Gothenburg Opera DansKompani
  • Skånes Danstheater
  • Carte Blanche
  • Ick Amsterdam Emio Grecco Peter C Scholten

Check biography to see a full list of companies and institutions.

Read more about how Stream-Flow developed here

In the video below I am researching ideas with Stream-Flow
for the solo I made for Keonjoong Kim

Stream-Flow Workshop with Pauline Torzuoli