Hato Project

hato project heidi vierthaler


The Hato Project is an initiative of Heidi Vierthaler.

It is a breeding ground for new choreographic collaborations and the continuous development of Stream- Flow movement method. Presently in collaboration with dancers Luca Cacitti, Shay Partush, Pauline Torzuoli, Lauri Schepp, Keonjoong Kim and Sonoko Kamimura. Our cross discipline projects incorporate film makers, designers and unique performance locations that touch a broader audience.

The following video was shown at Cinedans Festival 2016, Jumping Frames Festival 2016, and Voarte Film Festival 2016:

Stream-Flowing at Hotel Droog in Memo-ry-cycle 2:

In June 7th – 8th 2013 dancer Keonjoong Kim presented the first solo developed by Heidi Vierthaler within the Hato Project. Created for the ‘Soloist’ Hanpac Festival in Seoul Korea.

Ekaterina Shushakova in the Hato project: