As a dancer, Heidi has worked with some of the most prominent companies and choreographers throughout Europe and the US, including T he Forsythe Company, The Gothenburg Tanz Kompanie, Ballet Frankfurt, Ballet Dortmund, Tanzwerk Nurnberg, Ballet Chicago and Pacific NW Ballet.

She teaches and creates works for companies, festivals, and universities world wide.

These include, Cullberg Ballet, Gothenburg DansKompani, Carte Blanche, Skanes Danstheater, Compania Nacional de danza, Scapino Ballet Rotterdam, Nordans. Banff Centre for Dance, Het National Ballet, Random Dance Company, Modafe Festival Seoul, Soloist Festival Seoul, Kjung Hee University Seoul, Royal Swedish Ballet School, Codarts University, DAF Rome, Konservatorium Den Haag, Amsterdam University of the Arts, Palucca School Dresden, DOCH University Stockholm, Dansalliancen Sweden, Henny Jurriens Stichting Amsterdam, Dansgroep Amsterdam, Emio Grecco Ick Amsterdam, Akbank Sanat Istanbul, Seattle Dance Project, amongst others.

Heidi is both director and choreographer of her Amsterdam based collective HATO Projects. Her board members consists of the artistic staff of the Netherlands Dans Theater, including artistic advisor and curator Anders Hellstrom of NDT1 and NDT 2’s executive artistic director Nancy Euverink. HATO focuses on the further development of her Stream- flow method, which has recently been recognised as an effective somatic movement method. New Publication: Practicing Dance, A Somatic orientation Featuring: How the pursuit of Accessing the individual led me to Stream-Flow: Heidi Vierthaler

Hato’s cross discipline performances with Industrial/fashion design and architecturally unique spaces, are commissioned by “Droog Design”, Dutch Design week and the We Are Muze design collective. Links listed below.

July 2017 Remounting a work of choreographer Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui
Banff Centre Canada
July 24th – August 3rd 2017 New Creation for The Netherlands Dans Theater Summer Intensive
Nederlands Dans Theater, Amsterdam
2017 Hato Projects 2 Week residency based on the theme of SHELTER + Stream-flow Workshop made possible by the Swedish Arts Grants Committee and Kultur I Väst
2017 New creation 3rd year students UC Contemporary
Academy of Theatre and Dance, Amsterdam
2017 Oude Kerk film project: Viewing the Viewer
Direction: Esther Janmaat – Heidi Vierthaler
Dancers: Luca Cacitti and Shay Partush
MTD 2 University of the Arts, Amsterdam
2016 De-Formance Dutch Design Week 2016
2016 My Brother’s Room – Cinedans Film Festival 2016
Choreography: Heidi Vierthaler
Direction: Heidi Vierthaler/ Esther Janmaat
Dancers: Luca Cacitti, Shay Partush .
EYE Amsterdam
2016 We Are Muze: Dance and Fashion Collaboration
2015 / 2016 Droog Design Choreographic Projects
1 film project: My Brother’s Room:
2 performances created on locational Hôtel Droog 2015- 2016
January 2016 New Solo Creation
Choreography: Heidi Vierthaler
Codarts University, Rotterdam
February 2015 New Creation
Choreography: Heidi Vierthaler
music: Marcel Wierckz
MTD 2 University of the Arts, Amsterdam
June 2015 New Creation
JMD 3 University of the Arts, Amsterdam
July 4th 2014 ‘Inter-View’
Royal Conservatory Den Haag
Choreography: Heidi Vierthaler
Music: Miguel Angel Clerc
Bachelors program
June 14th 2014 ‘Within A Word’
University of the Arts Amsterdam
Choreography: Heidi Vierthaler
Music Tom van Wee
February 1st 2014 ‘Shine’
Palucca University Dresden
Choreography: Heidi Vierthaler
Music: Miguel Angel Clerc
Bat 3
May 2013- 2014 Solo-Swift Shift
Choreography: Heidi Vierthaler
Dancer: Keonjoong Kim
Music: Andy Moor, Miguel Angel Clerc
Soloist Festival 2013 Seoul Korea
Modafe Festival 2014 Seoul Korea
November 14th 2012 ‘Unsound’
Compania Nacional de Danza
Choreography: Heidi Vierthaler and Juanjo Arques
Music: Miguel Angel Clerc, Andy Moor
Theater Matedero, Madrid
February 2012 ‘Consequence’
The Dutch National Ballet
Choreographic consultant for Juanjo Arques
June 2011 ‘Shin Bun Shi’
Scapino Ballet Rotterdam
Choreography: Heidi Vierthaler
Music: Andy Moor and Yannis Kyriakides
Video: Yafit Taranto
May 2010 ‘Lawlessness’
Choreography: Heidi Vierthaler
Music: Andy Moor
Codarts University The Rotteredam Schouwburg
June 2010 ‘Restlessness’
Choreography: Heidi Vierthaler
Music Romain Bigeard
MTD1 University of the Arts Amsterdam
2008 – 2009 ‘Surfacing’
Seattle Dance Project
Choreography: Heidi Vierthaler
Music: Andy Moor
2004 – 2006 The Forsythe Company
Director: William Forsythe
Dancer & collaborator in works by William Forsythe
2002 – 2004 Ballet Frankfurt
Director: William Forsythe
Dancer & collaborator in works by William Forsythe
1999 – 2002 Göteborgs Operan Ballet, Sweden
Under the direction of Anders Hellström
1998 – 1999 Ballet Dortmund
Under the direction of Dirk Elwert
1996 – 1998 Tanzwerk Nurnberg
Under the direction of Dirk Elwert & Jean Renshaw
1995 – 1996 Spectrum Dance Theater
Under the direction of Dale Merril
1990 – 1994 Ballet Chicago
Under the direction of Daniel Duell
1986 – 1990 Pacific Northwest Ballet
Under the direction of Kent Stowell & Francia Russell
1980 – 1986 Full scholarship at Pacific Northwest Ballet School, Seattle, WA
Director, Francia Russell
Since 2008 Bringing students to experience The Forsythe Company
University of the Arts Amsterdam
S.E.A.D Salzburg Austria
2007 – present
Stream-flow Workshops taught internationally:

Banff Centre for Dance Canada
Dansalliansen Sweden: Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmo
Skånes Dantheater, Malmo
Transformation Dance Montreal Canada
Cullberg Ballet Stockholm Sweden
Carte Blanche Bergen Norway
Palucca University Dreseden
Doch University Stockholm
Het National Ballet
Scapino Ballet Rotterdam
Codarts University
Henny jurriens Stichting Amsterdam
Dans Ateliers Rotterdam
National Ballet Academy Amsterdam
Modafe Festival Seoul Korea
Soloist Festival Seoul Korea
Architanz Tokyo Japan
Amsterdam University of the Arts
Konservatory Den Haag
The Royal Swedish Ballet School
Contemporary Art Network . Tokyo , Japan
SEAD Salzburg Austria
Akbank Sanat, Istanbul Turkey
Kiung Hee University Seoul Korea

School and Company integration:
Since 2008 : Bringing students to experience The Forsythe Company
University of the Arts Amsterdam
S.E.A.D Salzburg Austria

2005 ‘Side Step Festival’
Performing William Forsythes “Vile Parody of Address”
Helsinki, Finland
2004 The Contemporary Art Network
Improvisation Performance with members of the Forsythe Company
Tokyo, Japan
2002 Tero Saarinen Company
Guest artist for “Kaze” performed at the Kuopio Dance Festival 2002 and The Bruckner Fest Linz, Austria
2002 ‘Dance Salad’
Performing William Forsythe’s, Herman Schmerman Pas de Deux
Houston, Texas
2017 – present Skanes Dance Theater Malmo Sweden
2016- present Gothenburg Dans Kompani
Guest teacher
2015-present Carte Blanche Bergen, Norway
Guest teacher
2014- present Cullberg Ballet Stockholm Sweden
Guest teacher
2008 – present University of the Arts Amsterdam
2012-present Emio Grecco – P.C ICK
Guest teacher
2009-present Codarts University Rotterdam
Guest teacher
2010-present DOCH University Stockholm, Sweden
Guest teacher
2013 Royal Swedish Ballet School
Guest teacher
2012 Random Dance Wayne Mcgregor
Guest teacher
2014-present Royal Conservatory Den Haag
Guest teacher
2013-present Palucca School Dresden
Guest teacher
2010-2012 Dansgroep Amsterdam
Guest teacher
2009-present Henny Jurriens Stichting Amsterdam
Teaching Ballet and Contemporary
2010-2012 Dans Ateliers Rotterdam
Guest teacher
2009-present Architanz Studios Tokyo, Japan
Guest teacher
2007 – 2008 SEAD Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance
Teaching ballet, Movement Research and Forsythe Repetoire
1994-1995 1994 -1995
Teaching Ballet
1994-1995 Kirkland Dance Academy
Teaching Ballet
2015 Renewed Gyrotonics license
in Cologne, Germany
2008 Renewed Gyrotonics license
in Vienna, Austria with master trainer Michele Cross
1998 Certified Gyrotonics Instructor
certification NYC